Interlake Dragway Interlake Dragway


So you want to be a racer?

Interlake Dragway is the place to be.

Generally, Racing and Test & Tunes will begin at 9:30AM and conclude at 5:30PM on scheduled weekends.

Racer Admission Fees are as follows:
Box - $95.00 / Day
No Box - $85.00 / Day
Trophy/Entry Level - $60.00 / Day
Jr Dragsters - $30.00 / Day

Test & Tune - $60.00 / Day
Jr Dragsters Test & Tune - $20.00 / Day

Prize Payout to follow.

Racer Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Interlake Dragway race track?

The track is a 1/4 mile drag strip with 2 race lanes.

Why should I use the Interlake Dragway Track instead of the street?

  1. It is LEGAL & SAFE!
  2. You get time & speed read-outs of your vehicle, you receive a copy of this data when you finish each pass!
  3. You can win money & trophies!
  4. You can finally have the chance to prove how you have the "fastest car in Winnipeg" or maybe be left in the smoke of some real competition!
  5. Come make some new friends... or rivals?

I don't know what I'm doing, I'm scared to come out and try my car, can someone help me out?

Sure thing! Everyone was new at the track at one point, we have a pretty good community here at Interlake Dragway, and the more racers we have out here the better it is for all of us. If you show up for the first time ask one of our friendly staff to set you up with someone that can give you the details on how to get started. Most other racers will be more than happy to give you information too!

What is Test & Tune or Bracket Racing?

Test & Tune track time allows racers to fine tune the race vehicle. Taking part in Test & Tune events is highly recommended for new racers to the track, or after making modifications to your vehicle.

Bracket racing is a racing class that allows for a handicap between a predicted speed of two cars.

Each car chooses a dial-in time before the race, predicting the elapsed time the driver estimates it will take his or her car to cross the finish line. This is generally displayed on one or more windows so the starter can adjust the "Christmas tree" starting lights accordingly; the slower car in the race is given the green light before the faster car by a margin of the difference between their two dial-in times, so that if both were perfect, the cars would cross the line dead even. If either car goes faster than its dial-in (called running out or breaking out), it is disqualified regardless of who had the lower elapsed time; if both cars break out, the one who breaks out by the smallest amount wins. This eliminates any advantage from bending the rules by putting a slow dial-in time on the windshield to get a head start.

What is a "Full Tree" or a ".400 / .500" light?

Click here to get information about the track and light system

All racers should review the IHRA handbook for rules and regulations.

Please click here for the handbook.